Yoga is not just for adults; kids can also benefit greatly from practising it! Yoga is a great practise to engage youngsters’ bodies and brains since it combines movement, awareness, and enjoyment. Children’s yoga opens up a world of imagination and exploration with its range of poses, from creative to animal-inspired. We’ll look at a variety of yoga positions in this blog that can benefit kids’ physical and mental health while also entertaining them.

Animal Poses: Learning through Movement

One of the most delightful aspects of children’s yoga is the opportunity to imitate animals. These poses not only spark imagination but also enhance flexibility and coordination.

  • Downward Dog: This classic pose imitates a dog stretching. Children place their hands and feet on the ground, forming an inverted “V” shape. It stretches the back, hamstrings, and calves.
  • Cat-Cow: Children arch their back like a cat, then drop their belly and lift their head like a cow. This pose improves spine flexibility and encourages deep breathing.
  • Butterfly: Seated with the soles of the feet touching, children gently flap their legs like butterfly wings. This pose promotes hip flexibility and can be soothing.

Nature Poses: Connecting with the Elements

These poses draw inspiration from nature, helping children forge a connection between their bodies and the world around them.

  • Tree Pose: Children stand on one leg, placing the sole of the other foot on the inner thigh or calf. This pose develops balance and focus while symbolizing strength like a tree.
  • Sun Salutation: A series of poses that mimic the movement of the sun rising, including stretching to the sky and touching the ground. It’s a great way to warm up and energize.
  • Rock Pose: Children kneel and sit back on their heels, resting their hands on their thighs. This pose is calming and helps children focus on their breath.

Storytime Poses: Bringing Imagination to Life

Storytelling meets yoga in these poses that encourage children to embody characters and elements from their favorite tales.

  • Snake Pose: Children lie on their stomachs, propping themselves up on their hands, and hiss like a snake. This pose enhances spinal flexibility and abdominal strength.
  • Superhero Pose: Standing tall with hands on hips or stretched out like wings, children channel their inner superheroes. This pose instills confidence and empowers kids.
  • Bridge Pose: Lying on their backs with knees bent, children lift their hips to create a bridge shape. This pose strengthens the back, legs, and core while fostering creativity.

Partner Poses: Building Connection and Trust

Partner poses are an excellent way for children to interact, cooperate, and deepen their understanding of balance.

  • Double Downward Dog: Two children face each other in downward dog, placing their feet against their partner’s hands. This pose strengthens arms and legs while promoting teamwork.
  • Seated Twist: Partners sit back-to-back, placing one hand on their knee and the other on their partner’s knee. As they twist in opposite directions, they help each other stretch.
  • Yoga Train: Children line up in a row, holding onto each other’s hips. The first child leads while the others follow, moving like a train. This pose fosters coordination and a sense of unity.


Yoga positions for kids are a delightful fusion of motion, creativity, and exploration. These poses can be included into games or other organised activities to keep kids active and promote both their physical and mental development. Children’s yoga poses offer an enriching method for kids to connect with their bodies, improve their focus, and have a tonne of fun while doing it, whether they’re stretching like animals, taking on roles from stories, or partnering up for balance challenges. Bring the little yogis together and set off on a delightful voyage of movement, mindfulness, and creativity!