Effleurage Pose, Finding moments of peace and relaxation is crucial amid the busyness of modern life. Yoga, an age-old discipline that not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters mental and emotional equilibrium, is one approach to accomplish this.This blog post will discuss the Effleurage Pose, its advantages, and the best ways to perform it.

he Effleurage Pose: What is it?

The Effleurage Pose, sometimes referred to as “Savasana” or “Corpse Pose,” is one of the easiest yet most effective yoga poses. It is often done as a solitary relaxing practice or at the conclusion of a yoga session. Despite seeming straightforward, this pose is extremely important in the practice of yoga and can be difficult to perfect.

How to Perform the Effleurage Pose:


Find a place that is nice and quiet so that you won’t be bother. Place a blanket or a yoga mat on the ground.

2.Lie Down:

Lay flat on your back to begin, with your arms at your sides for comfort. Your feet should be hip-width apart and your legs should be extend.

3.Palms Up:

Allow your fingers to naturally curl as you turn your palms upward. Lay back and allow your shoulders to rest on the mat.

4.Close Your Eyes:

Close your eyes slowly to block out outside distractions and direct your attention inward.

5.Breathe Mindfully:

Start focusing on your breathing. Allow your chest and abdomen to lift as you inhale slowly and deeply through your nostrils. Release any tension by taking a slow, mouth-exhaling breath.

6.Relax Every Muscle:

Relax every muscle in your body, starting at the tips of your toes. Think of a wave of tranquility washing over you from your feet to your head.

7.Mental Stillness:

Get rid of all notions in your head. If your thoughts begin to stray, softly refocus on your breathing.

8.Stay in the Pose:

Maintain this posture for at least 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if you’d like. Your level of relaxation can increase as you spend more time in Savasana.


In our hectic lives, the Effleurage Pose, also known as Savasana, can be a simple yet deeply calming yoga asana. You can achieve a closer relationship with your body, mind, and soul by allocating a short period of time each day to this stance. Yoga’s Effleurage Pose is a doorway to calm, self-awareness, and inner peace. It is more than just a yoga pose. Therefore, take a seat, inhale deeply, and let go of your concerns as you set out on a relaxing and introspective excursion.