1. On-site Events:

  • Yoga Workshops:

It is an on-site class event that encompasses specialized workshops on yoga styles, such as: Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga.

  • Meditation Retreats:

It is a on-site weekend meditation retreats where all the yoga lovers shares their experiences with other same minded.

  • Yoga Teacher Training:

It is a on-site session for every yoga lovers for aspiring them to become a certified yoga instructors.

  • Yoga and Wellness Retreats:

It is a week program that includes combination of different yoga, meditation, wellness activities, and discussion of healthy meals.

  • Yoga Retreat for Women:

This is an event focusing only on women’s health, self-care practises.

  • Yoga for couples:

This event for performing duet yoga. Yoga lovers can be part of this event with their friends, partner or other significance one.

2. Off-Site Events:

  • Outdoor Yoga in Nature:

This yoga session is carried out in parks, gardens, or other open nature location.

  • Corporate Wellness Programs:

Shiva Samadhi yoga temple propose and conducts yoga sessions for different company employments or in schools.

  • Community Yoga Classes:

Shiva Samadhi yoga temple also provides few free sessions in community for old people and children.

  • Yoga for Special Populations:

Shiva Samadhi yoga temple runs various yoga classes for specific population such as pregnant woman, individual with specific health condition.