Yoga for Beginners Package
$30 /Hour
  • An introductory package designed for individuals new to yoga.
  • Structured series of beginner-friendly yoga classes to learn the foundational postures and breathing techniques.
  • Gentle stretching and relaxation sessions to improve flexibility and release tension.
  • Basic meditation techniques to cultivate mindfulness and promote inner calm.
  • Educational workshops on yoga philosophy and lifestyle tips for a holistic approach to well-being
Mind-Body Integration Package
$60 /Hour
  • A package designed to deepen the mind-body connection and promote overall well-being.
  • Dynamic yoga classes that combine movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practices.
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction sessions to cultivate present-moment awareness and reduce anxiety.
  • Mind-body workshops on topics such as mindful eating, self-care, and cultivating positive thought patterns.
  • Guided journaling exercises and reflection prompts to encourage self-reflection and personal growth.
Wellness Warrior Package
$80 /Hour
  • A comprehensive package for individuals seeking a transformative wellness journey.
  • Unlimited access to a variety of yoga classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga.
  • Personalized healing sessions tailored to specific needs, such as Reiki, spiritual Healing, or Energy Healing.
  • Mindfulness workshops and meditation sessions for stress reduction and emotional well-being.
  • Weekly or monthly check-ins with a wellness coach to provide guidance and support.
Relaxation Retreat Package
$30 /Hour
  • Full body massage
  • Facial treatment
  • Aromatherapy session.
  • Access to spa facilities such as sauna, steam room, and relaxation lounge.
Festive Indulgence Package
$60 /Hour
  • Spa treatment
  • manicure or pedicure
  • A festive-themed spa gift.
  • Access to a relaxation area with seasonal decorations and complimentary festive refreshments.
Couples' Escape Package
$80 /Hour
  • Side-by-side couples’ massage
  • A private jacuzzi or hot tub session
  • A customized aromatherapy blend
  • Complimentary champagne or sparkling beverage and chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolates, and a spa gift for each couple.
Rejuvenation Journey Package
$30 /Hour
  • A body scrub
  • Massage
  • Facial treatment
  • A wellness consultation.
  • Access to spa amenities such as swimming pool, hydrotherapy, and relaxation areas.
Mother-to-Be Package
$60 /Hour
  • A prenatal massage
  • Gentle facial treatment
  • A soothing foot massage.
  • Complimentary herbal tea and a gift for the mother-to-be.
Spa Day Getaway Package
$80 /Hour
  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Body wrap
  • Manicure/pedicure.
  • Healthy lunch or afternoon tea included
Seasonal Renewal Package
$30 /Hour
  • Seasonal body scrub
  • Specialized massage
  • A customized facial treatment.
  • Complimentary herbal tea infused with seasonal ingredients.