Chiball – Sweet Orange


Each ChiBall has its own aroma –
Orange – Sweet Orange Aroma
Black – Aniseed Aroma
Purple – Lavender Aroma
Silver – Eucalyptus Aroma
Yellow – Lemongrass Aroma
Green – Geranium Aroma
Lime Green – Mint Aroma
Pink – ChiAroma Rose Aroma
Blue – Juniper Berry Aroma
Red – Cinnamon Aroma

*Anti-burst tested to 250kg


Chiball – Sweet Orange, A tremendous combination for nourishing and healing our physical imbalances, emotional barriers, and drained spirits is the synergistic blending of color and scent. The power is in your hands when you are able to select the finest  ChiBall™ for a particular goal, such as resolving an emotional conflict, repairing a physical health imbalance, or attracting new opportunities into your life.

Each Chiball, which stands for one of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water), is connect to an energy phase from the yin yang energy cycle. The 10 ChiBalls each represent the yin or yang of one of the five elements, and each of the elements has yin and yang connections.

Here is a description of its main characteristics and operation:

1.Synergistic Mixture of Color and Aroma:

Color and scent are two potent sensory sensations that are combine in the ChiBall™. It has a color-matched aromatherapy fragrance that has been put into it.

2.Purpose-Specific Selection:

You can select a   ChiBall™ based on your own wellness objectives. Each ChiBall™ represents one of the five elements and is connect to an energy phase from the Yin-Yang energy cycle.

3.Yin-Yang Energy Cycle:

Yin and Yang are complimentary forces that are use to symbolize the dualism of existence in Chinese philosophy. They are always in a state of flux and balance.

4.Aromatherapy and Color Therapy:

Color therapy uses color to influence emotions and thoughts, whereas aromatherapy uses smells to affect one’s mood and well-being. The  ChiBall™ combines these two techniques by odorizing the ball to match its hue. This is said to energize and harmonize feelings and thoughts, resulting in a greater sense of wellbeing.

5.Physical Use:

ChiBall™are made to be soft and pliable, which makes them comfortable to use and handle. They are transportable and storable due to their deflatable and inflatable nature. They are appropriate for a variety of ChiBall exercises and conventional physiotherapy programs because of these characteristics.




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