Yoga Studio EU Cylinder Buckwheat Designed Meditation Cushion – Abstract Collection – Blue Arabesque


  • 100% cotton cover.
  • Filled with organic buckwheat hulls.
  • Built in carry handle.
  • Size: 35cm in Diameter (approx) – 16cm Deep (approx).
  • Weight: 3Kg
  • Hand made with love in Europe.


When it comes to comfort while meditating, the Yoga Studio Cylinder Designed Meditation Cushion is ideal.
The sitting position, which is crucial to the practice of meditation, is made easier by these cushions. It is the most practical size of cushion that will support a range of different postures, and it is best utilized for lotus or half-lotus meditation postures.
The outer cover of the inner filler cushion may be removed via a zip, allowing the user to add more filling to customize the loft or softness to their preference.
Our cushions are packed with natural buckwheat hulls and are built with increased durability in mind. A helpful carry handle makes it easy to transport the cushion.

A flexible and cozy addition for those who meditate is the Yoga Studio Cylinder Designed Meditation Cushion. The following is a list of its main characteristics and advantages:

1.Comfortable Support:

This cushion is made to be as comfortable as possible while meditation. Your sitting posture needs to be improved for your meditation practice to be successful. Good posture encourages relaxation and aids in maintaining concentration during meditation.

2.Ideal for Specific Postures:

For meditation postures like the lotus or half-lotus pose, the cushion is especially suited. Without adequate support, these positions can be difficult; our cushion seeks to fix that problem.

3.Adjustable Firmness:

The zipped outer cover, which gives you access to the inside filled cushion, is one distinctive feature. This implies that you can adjust the cushion’s loft and stiffness to your preferences. You can adjust the firmness or softness of the cushion to your preferred level of comfort by adding or removing buckwheat hulls.


The robust design of these cushions ensures a long lifespan. They are made to resist frequent use, guaranteeing that your investment will last for a very long time.

5.Organic Buckwheat Hulls:

Organic buckwheat hulls are used to fill the cushion. Because they offer a firm, cozy foundation and adapt to the shape of your body, buckwheat hulls are a common filling material for meditation cushions. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly.

6.Convenient Portability:

The cushion has a carry handle that makes it simple to move around. You may easily bring your cushion with you wherever you meditate, whether it’s at home, in a studio, or while you’re out and about.


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