Kurma Zero Waste EVA Foam Yoga Brick – Black


  • Weight 0.315 kg
  • Real Color Black, Grey
  • Length 23 cm
  • Width 12 cm
  • Height 7.5 cm
  • Material EVA
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Yoga Brick – Black, To add height to standing and balancing poses or to engage your outside leg muscles, use a foam block. A general prop for all difficult positions.

Even the most difficult positions are easier to do with a foam yoga brick. Your reach is extend, and it provides excellent stability and support. In this manner, you can intensify stretches and postures and fully appreciate your practice Yoga Brick – Black.

85% recycled EVA content, one of the highest percentages in the yoga business, made in Europe. Through ContinuOM Collective, everything is recyclable.

A foam yoga brick is a multipurpose tool that you can use to improve several facets of your practice. The features and advantages are broken down as follows:

1.Height and Support in Standing and Balancing Poses:

The main purposes of yoga bricks are to offer height and stability to standing and balancing poses. When you need to reach the floor or a certain body region but are unable to do so comfortably or safely without straining, they can be useful. You can obtain the right alignment and balance in these poses by placing the foam block under your hand, foot, or any other portion of your body.

2.Activation of Outer Leg Muscles:

Your outer leg muscles can be engaged and activated with the use of yoga bricks. They provide resistance when positioned between your thighs or calves in specific poses, pushing you to use these muscles more actively. Your practice may become more stable and powerful as a result.

3.Enhanced Stability and Support:

The brick’s foam composition creates a solid and sturdy surface. Beginners or people with limited flexibility will especially benefit from this. It lessens the possibility of straining or overextending, which aids in maintaining balance and preventing injuries.

4.Deepening Postures and Stretches:

Yoga bricks let you gradually deepen your stretches and poses. You can utilize the block at various heights as you get better at your routine to progressively improve flexibility and range of motion. With practice, this method can gradually make difficult positions more doable.


The aforemention foam yoga brick is produce in Europe using 85% recycled EVA material. The substantial amount of recycled material shows a dedication to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the brick is 100% recyclable through ContinuOM Collective, so once you’re done with it, you can recycle it ethically and lessen the environmental impact.


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