Lingam Dot Print Tibetan Singing Bowl


Additional Information

  • Size of Signing Bowl: 4″D x 2.7″H
  • Weight of Singing Bowl: 455 Grams approx.
  • Prepared from Hand Hammered method.
  • Produces resonant and soothing sounds.
  • Features a pattern or design of dots on bowl’s surface.
  • Often used for meditation, relaxation, and healing.

A “Lingam Dot Print Tibetan Singing Bowl” combines the traditional craftsmanship of hand hammering with a distinctive dot print pattern, creating a unique and potentially meaningful piece that may serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.


A “Lingam Dot Print Tibetan Singing Bowl” refers to a specific type of Tibetan singing bowl that has been handcrafted using traditional techniques and features a dot print pattern on its surface. This indicates that the singing bowl has been created using manual hammering techniques. Hand hammering is a traditional method used in crafting Tibetan singing bowls, where skilled artisans shape the metal by hand to create the bowl’s form and texture. This Singing Bowls have a protrusion at the bottom of the bowl and have very beautiful shape.

The bowl features a pattern or design of dots on its surface. This could be achieved through various methods, such as etching, engraving, or embossing. The dot pattern could be purely decorative or may hold symbolic significance.

A “lingam” refers to a sacred symbol in Hinduism representing divine energy and the male creative energy of the universe. A “Lingam Singing Bowl” could be a unique type of singing bowl with a shape resembling a lingam, often used for meditation, relaxation, and healing.


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