Manduka PRO Travel (Almost Perfect) Yoga Mat 2.5mm – Be Bold Blue


  • 1.1 kgs; 180cm x 60cm; 2.5 mm thick.
  • Closed-cell surface keeps moisture and bacteria at bay, increasing longevity and making post-class cleanup a breeze.
  • Same dense support as PRO & PROlite, but in a thinner, travel-friendly version.
  • Our proprietary dot pattern holds the mat in place on the floor.
  • Medium grip, as preferred by teachers, allows you to flow between postures without sticking to the mat.
  • Warm or sweaty? Always pair your PRO Travel mat with a towel to absorb the moisture and increase your grip.
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.
  • Emissions-free manufacturing.
  • 100% latex free.


Manduka PRO Travel, Even while life rarely goes as planned, there are always positive aspects. Manduka Almost Perfect PRO mats have a one-of-a-kind touch and are all 100% PRO performance.

We at Manduka are working to reduce our off-mat environmental effect in a world where production far exceeds demand. Any of our products that we believe still have life in them is not destroy Manduka PRO Travel.

Purchase something from our Almost Perfect line and help keep a mat out of a landfill.
The Manduka’s manufacturing specifications may be different from the appearance and size of the Almost Perfect mats in ways like:

Can vary in length.
Could differ in thickness.
May have flaws on the surface.
Possibly different colors.

Manduka’s approach to their Almost Perfect PRO mats demonstrates their dedication to responsible production and sustainability. An explanation of their essential points is provided below:

1.Not Everything Comes Out Perfect:

This expression emphasizes that in manufacturing, perfection is not always possible and that there may be differences or flaws in the finished goods. It acknowledges the inherent diversity in industrial processes in a realistic manner.

2.100% PRO Performance:

Manduka underlines that the performance of these mats remains at a professional level despite any flaws or peculiarities in their products. In other words, tiny imperfections or variations do not affect the mat’s functionality or quality.

3.Unique but Still 100% PRO:

This statement emphasizes how unique or distinctive each Almost Perfect PRO mat is because of its flaws. Customers are reassured that these distinctive features do not diminish the mat’s overall professional-grade performance.

4.Limiting Environmental Impact:

Manduka understands how critical it is to reduce the negative effects of its products on the environment. This indicates their dedication to sustainability and ethical corporate conduct, which are crucial in today’s environment of environmentally sensitive consumers.

5.Not Destroying Products:

Manduka pledges to refrain from discarding mats that are faulty or have minor defects. This demonstrates a dedication to cutting waste and increasing the usefulness of their products. They find ways to give these mats a use or a life that is consistent with their sustainability goals rather than abandoning them.



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