Manduka Recycled Eco Twill Wool Blanket – Sediment



Wool Blanket, The ultimate in warmth, comfort, and versatility, this blanket’s 100% recycled fibers can be bent and folded to support your body in both restorative and vigorous yoga postures.
The only blanket you’ll ever require for yoga.
This eco-friendly blanket has a luxurious, silky texture that feels amazing next to your skin and is made from a wool and synthetic fiber blend that is 100% recycled.
For the utmost warmth, comfort, and versatility, it can be folded, coiled into a bolster, or used to support your legs, hips, or spine.

This item, a yoga blanket, was created with an emphasis on sustainability and adaptability. The following is a list of its main characteristics and advantages:


The blanket is fully constructed from recycled materials. It is an environmentally beneficial alternative since it places a strong emphasis on using recycled materials, which decreases the need for new resources and cuts down on waste.

2.Mouldable and Foldable:

The blanket’s flexibility and adaptability are intended features. It is simple to mold into different shapes to offer support while practicing yoga. This is especially helpful in yoga postures that are both restorative and dynamic, when having the right support can improve your practice.

3.Body Support:

The spine, hips, and legs can all be supported by the blanket, along with other body regions. This means you may use it for a number of yoga postures, whether you need to fold it into a cushion for a particular body area or roll it up into a bolster for increased height.

4.Warmth and Comfort:

The texture of the blanket is described as fluffy and velvety, which heightens the sense of coziness. It not only offers assistance, but it also gives your practice a cozy feel. If you’re practicing yoga in a cool setting or on a hard surface, this is extremely helpful.


The blanket is a flexible tool for yogis since it may adjust to various poses and support requirements. This blanket bills itself as the only yoga blanket you’ll ever need, whether you’re searching for more padding, a support to aid with alignment, or simply a comfy surface for relaxation.

Features –

  • Weight: 3.5lb.
  • Size: 60” x 82”.
  • 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibres.
  • Overlocked edge stitching to prevent fraying.
  • Dense weave is stretch-resistant, super plush, yet resists “pilling”, even after washing.


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