Meditation Cushion



Material: Cotton cover

Filling: 100% organic buckwheat hull which can be adjusted for perfect comfort.

Dimensions: 16.5in X 8in X 5in | 1.2Kgs


Our meditation cushions relieve knee pressure and support your back and hips, allowing you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time in poses like sukhasana, padmasana, and ardha-padmasana.


Adjustable Cushioning:

Organic buckwheat filling can be adjusted to provide the perfect support.

Promotes Mindfulness:

Unique crescent shape elevates the back and hips allowing you to sit comfortably in seated postures.

Made For Convenience:

Convenient handle makes our cushions easy to carry even when you travel.

Consciously Created:

Left-over fabric is up-cycle into meditation accessories by our super-women partners in Dharavi. This item reduces waste and creates employment.


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