Rainbow Gheri Yoga Mat Bag


  • Rainbow Gheri Yoga Mat Bag, Handcrafted.
  • The rainbow yoga mat carrier in cotton gheri has a handy zip side pocket in the main body.
  • It is topped and ended with black fabric and has a matching adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring closure.
  • A vibrant and inspiring piece of cool yoga gear.
  • Hand Crafted In Nepal.

Size: 26 x 70 x 16cm


In the main body of the cotton gheri yoga mat carrier with rainbow stripes, there is a useful zip side pocket.
Mat Bag, It contains a matching adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring clasp, as well as a black fabric finish on the top and bottom.
A colorful and motivating piece of yoga equipment Mat Bag.

Designed for yoga enthusiasts, the “rainbow stripe yoga mat carrier in cotton gheri” is a fashionable and useful item. Let’s breakdown its characteristics and explain each one individually:

1.Rainbow Stripe Design:

The yoga mat carrier has a vibrant rainbow striped pattern that gives it life and aesthetic appeal. This design decision not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also fits with the vibrant and upbeat spirit frequently connected to yoga practice.

2.Cotton Gheri Material:

Gheri fabric frequently has textured patterns, which can improve the carrier’s visual attractiveness and individuality.

3.Zip Side Pocket:

There is a useful zipper side pocket on the carrier’s main body. This pocket comes in helpful for keeping tiny necessities like a phone, wallet, or keys. It guarantees that everything you require for your yoga session is in one location, eliminating the need for extra luggage.

4.Topped and Ended with Black Fabric:

Black cloth is use for the carrier’s top and bottom finishes. This adds resilience to these regions, where wear and tear are more likely to happen, as well as a stylish contrast to the vibrant rainbow stripes.

5.Matching Adjustable Shoulder Strap:

It includes an adjustable shoulder strap that corresponds with the carrier’s overall style. You may adjust the length of the strap for a pleasant and simple carrying experience. It can be worn across the body diagonally or over the shoulder.

6.Drawstring Closure:

The top of the carrier has a drawstring closing. You may lock your yoga mat inside the carrier with its closure mechanism while still having quick access to it. Your mat will remain in place throughout transportation thanks to this.

7.Vibrant and Inspiring:

The item is referred to be a “vibrant and inspiring piece of cool yoga gear.” This implies that the carrier’s vibrant and fashionable design is meant to motivate and uplift yoga practitioners, improving their overall experience and frame of mind throughout their practice.



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