Rainbow Stripe Gheri Yoga Mat Bag


  • Rainbow Stripe Gheri Yoga Mat Bag, Handcrafted.
  • The rainbow stripe yoga mat carrier in cotton gheri has a handy zip side pocket in the main body.
  • It is topped and ended with purple fabric and has a matching adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring closure.
  • A vibrant and inspiring piece of cool yoga gear.
  • Hand Crafted In Nepal.

Size: 26 x 70 x 16cm


Yoga Mat Bag, In the main body of the cotton gheri yoga mat carrier with rainbow stripes, there is a useful zip side pocket.
It contains a matching adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring clasp, as well as purple fabric on the top and bottom.
A colorful and motivating piece of yoga equipment.

Yoga mat carriers like the “rainbow stripe yoga mat carrier in cotton gheri” are made to be both practical and fashionable. The features are broke down as follows:

1.Rainbow Stripe Design:

The yoga mat carrier has a striking rainbow striped pattern that not only offers a flash of color but also gives it an eye-catching and upbeat appearance. Your yoga practice may feel more upbeat and energizing as a result of this design decision.

2.Cotton Gheri Material:

Cotton gheri fabric is use to make the carrier. The traditional Nepalese fabric known as cotton gheri is renown for its strength and texture. It frequently has vibrant designs and is wove using a unique method that gives the fabric personality.

3.Zip Side Pocket:

The convenient zip side pocket that is situate in the bag’s main body is one of its most notable characteristics. Small items like keys, a wallet, a phone, or other accessories you might require before or after your yoga session can be store in this compartment conveniently. It keeps your necessities organized and convenient.

4.Purple Fabric Accents:

Purple cloth is use to complete the carrier’s top and ends. The colorful rainbow stripes and this purple cloth offer a complimentary contrast that makes for an attractive combo. Purple may also stand for creativity, spirituality, and balance, all of which can be associated with yoga.

5.Adjustable Shoulder Strap:

The carrier includes a matching shoulder strap that is adjustable. With this function, you may adjust the strap’s length to carry the yoga mat over your shoulder without discomfort, making it simple to get to and from your yoga sessions.

6.Drawstring Closure:

The top of the carrier includes a drawstring closing. This style of closing guarantees that your yoga mat stays in place inside the bag while allowing for simple access when you need to remove or reposition the mat, making it both safe and practical.

7.Vibrant and Inspiring:

This yoga mat carrier’s features and general aesthetic are mean to be vivid and motivating. It not only fulfills a practical need but also uplifts and inspires you as you practice yoga. It is a hip and fashionable accessory for yoga aficionados because of the way the colors, materials, and practical pockets are combined.



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