Recycled Foam Mini Yoga Block



  • Manufacture Brand: Manduka
  • 200 grams; 10cm x 11.5cm x 15cm.
  • Made from 50%-75% recycled EVA foam, in Aqua color.
  • Rounded edges for more comfort.
  • Non-Slip Surface, preventing it from sliding during use.
  • Mini size and lightweight nature of the block.
  • High quality, extremely durable and more comfortable.
  • Available in six different colors.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, the Recycled Foam Mini Yoga Block in Aqua can be a valuable addition to your yoga practice. Its portability, eco-friendly materials, and supportive properties make it an ideal companion for yogis on the go, allowing you to maintain a consistent and enjoyable practice wherever you travel.



Manduka is a well-known and reputable brand in the yoga community, known for producing high-quality and eco-conscious yoga products.

The Recycled Foam Mini Yoga Block in Aqua is a compact and eco-friendly yoga accessory designed to support your yoga practice, especially during travel. This yoga block is mini-sized, making it easy to carry and fit into your travel bag. It is made from recycled EVA foam, which is known for its lightweight and durable properties. The use of recycled EVA foam in the construction of the block reflects Manduka’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

The mini size and lightweight nature of this block make it convenient for travel, allowing you to maintain your yoga practice wherever you go. Yoga blocks are commonly used as props to provide support, stability, and balance during various yoga poses and stretches. They are especially helpful for beginners or those with limited flexibility.

The mini yoga block can be used in a variety of yoga poses, such as providing support in seated postures, assisting with balance in standing poses, or aiding in alignment during backbends.¬†The block’s surface is designed to be non-slip, ensuring stability and preventing it from sliding during use.


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