Sustainable Repreve Yoga Mat Towel



  • Measures: 71″ x 24″; 1.25lbs; 180cm x 61cm; 0.44kg
  • Brand: Manduka
  • Made from Repreve fabric.
  • Available color: Almond Blossom VG
  • Features with the pieces of Wild Rose artwork.
  • Grips mat with patented Skidless Technology that uses 100% silicone nubs.
  • Use at the beach, the gym, Pilates, or traveling.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, machine washable.

The “Sustainable Repreve Yoga Mat Towel” is a sustainable and functional yoga accessory that enhances your practice by providing a slip-resistant and hygienic surface. The use of Repreve fabric adds an eco-friendly element to the towel, aligning with the values of conscious yogis. With its Skidless technology, moisture-wicking properties, and variety of designs, this towel is a versatile tool for yogis of all levels. Whether you’re practicing at the studio, gym, or outdoors, the Yogitoes towel offers a comfortable and supportive surface for your yoga journey.



The “Sustainable Repreve Yoga Mat Towel” is a premium yoga accessory designed to enhance your practice by providing a slip-resistant and hygienic surface on top of your yoga mat. Repreve Yoga Mat Towel is made using Repreve fabric, which is a blend of recycled plastic bottles and other eco-friendly materials. Repreve is known for its sustainability and environmentally-conscious production process. This towel is featuring the piece of Wild Roses artwork on the front side of towel.

Placing the Yogitoes towel on top of your yoga mat creates a hygienic barrier between you and the mat. This is particularly useful when using communal mats at yoga studios or gyms, ensuring that you have a clean surface to practice on. The towel features Manduka’s patented Skidless technology, which uses silicone nubs on the underside of the towel to grip onto your mat. This prevents the towel from sliding or bunching up during your practice, even in challenging poses. The silicone nubs provide an enhanced grip that helps you maintain stability and balance during your practice.

Repreve Yoga Mat Towel is typically available in a standard size that fits most standard yoga mats. Using Repreve fabric in the towel contributes to reducing plastic waste by repurposing plastic bottles into a functional and durable yoga accessory. The towel is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply toss it in the washing machine after your practice. The towel is lightweight and easy to roll up or fold, making it a convenient addition to your yoga bag or travel gear.


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