Westford Mill EarthAware Organic Cotton Yoga Tote Bag – Light Grey


  • 1100% Organic Cotton Canvas – 340gsm (10oz/yd²)
  • GOTS certified – CU811033
  • Premium heavyweight fabric.
  • External sleeve for easy access yoga mat storage.
  • Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.
  • Fits most mat sizes
  • Capacity: 27L.


Cotton Yoga Tote Bag, Yoga mat storage is make convenient with the Westford Mill EarthAware Organic Yoga Tote’s exterior sleeve.

The lifestyle of today demands multipurpose design. The Westford Mill EarthAware Yoga Tote Bag is perfect for transporting all of your yoga necessities because it is roomy, strong, and has an exterior, easy-access yoga mat sleeve Cotton Yoga Tote Bag .

With a 57cm handle length and being a part of the EarthAware® collection, this eco-conscious bag may be carry by hand or over the shoulder, letting you to concentrate solely on your flow. It is make of 100% organic, OCS-certified cotton canvas.

Modern day living and yoga aficionados were take into consideration when creating the Westford Mill EarthAware Organic Yoga Tote, a functional and environmentally beneficial bag. These are some of its salient characteristics:

1.Spacious and Durable:

The tote bag is make to be roomy enough to hold all of your yoga necessities. This bag offers plenty of space for packing your yoga pants, water bottle, towel, and other necessities. It is also built to be strong, so it can survive the damage that comes from repeated use.

2.External Yoga Mat Sleeve:

The exterior sleeve on this bag, created especially for easy-access storage of your yoga mat, is one of its most notable features. This entails that you can carry your yoga mat safely and comfortably without an additional bag or strap. For yoga devotees who wish to bring their mat with them wherever they go, it’s a useful solution.

3.Eco-Friendly Materials:

The Westford Mill EarthAware® line, which represents its dedication to sustainability, includes the EarthAware® Yoga Tote Bag. It is construct of canvas produced from only organic cotton. Organic cotton is more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton since it is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

4.OCS Certification:

Because the bag has earned OCS (Organic Content Standard) certification, it satisfies the requirements for using only organic materials. It is guarantee by OCS certification that the cotton use to make the bag is truly organic and complies with strict environmental and social requirements.

5.Convenient Carrying Options:

With 57 cm of handle length, the bag is adaptable in terms of how you can carry it. Depending on your preference and comfort, you can hold it in your hand or sling it securely over your shoulder.

6.Focus on Your Flow:

With this bag, you won’t have to worry about carrying your equipment and can concentrate on your yoga practice. It makes carrying your yoga necessities easier, enabling you to focus on your yoga flow and relaxation.

7.Note on Yoga Mat:

The yoga mat is not include with the bag, as stated in the description, therefore you must supply your own to use with the external sleeve.


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