Yoga Mad Anti-burst Swiss Ball With Pump 75cm – Silver


Product details:
  • Dimensions – 75cm ball (also available in 55cm & 65cm)
  • Weight – 1kg
  • Material – 6 Phthalate and Heavy Metal Free PVC
  • Colour – Silver
  • Not warranted for commercial use.
Safety Information:
  • Factory tested as burst-resistant at 200Kg, maximum recommended load 150kg.
  • Never leave the Swiss Ball near a heat source.
  • For our full Swiss Ball safety information on using and inflating our Swiss Balls correctly, please download the Swiss Ball Safety Instructions Manual from the downloads tab.


Anti-burst Swiss ball with a 150 kg load capacity. The ideal tool for Fit Ball exercises, Yoga, Pilates, or physiotherapy, as well as a chair to help with posture issues.
includes a pump. We advise against using this ball for weight training; instead, please consider our Swiss Balls with ratings of 300 or 500 kg.

The information you provide describes a 150kg load-rated anti-burst Swiss ball and its intended use. Here are the main ideas in further detail:

1.Anti-burst Swiss Ball:

This describes a particular kind of exercise ball made to withstand puncturing or exploding. A certain amount of pressure can be apply to it without it rupturing because it is made of a strong material. For workout safety, this function is crucial.

2.Load Rating of 150kg:

The Swiss ball’s maximum weight or load that it can support before bursting or losing its shape is specified by its load rating. In this instance, the ball is certified to support weight up to 150 kilograms, or roughly 330 pounds, safely.

3.Perfect for Fit Ball Workouts, Yoga, Pilates, or Physiotherapy:

The Fit Ball workouts, yoga, Pilates, and physiotherapy exercises are just a few of the fitness pursuits that this Swiss ball is advise for. It can be apply to improve rehabilitation, balance, flexibility, and core strength.

4.Can Be Use as a Chair to Aid with Postural Problems:

Swiss balls are frequently used as chairs to enhance posture and activate the core while seat. This can assist those with postural issues in maintaining a more stable and ergonomic sitting position.

5.Comes with Pump:

Usually, a pump is include with the Swiss ball for simple inflation. To preserve the ball’s integrity and support weight properly, proper inflation is necessary.

6.Not Recommended for Weight Training:

The warning states that using this Swiss ball for weight training is not recommend. This means that exercises including lifting heavy weights while seated or reclining on a ball are not appropriate for it. Swiss balls with larger load ratings, such 300kg or 500kg, which are make to resist the add stress of weightlifting, are advise for such uses.


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