Yoga Mat Carrier – Yoga Studio



  • Measures: Approx 137cm x 4cm; 0.1kg;
  • Brand: Yoga Studio
  • Made in Tiwan
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in 7 different colors: Black, Dark Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Raspberry, Purple and Turquoise;

Overall, a yoga mat strap carrier is a simple yet effective accessory that can enhance your yoga experience by making it easier to transport your mat to and from your practice sessions. It’s a great addition for yogis who want a convenient and hands-free way to carry their mat.



The “Yoga Mat Strap Carrier” is a practical accessory designed to make carrying your yoga mat more convenient. The mat strap carrier is designed to hold and secure your yoga mat for easy transport. It allows you to roll up your yoga mat and keep it tightly bound together, making it easier to carry to and from your yoga classes or practice space.

Using the strap carrier is simple. You slide the looped ends of the strap over each end of your rolled-up yoga mat. The strap is then slung over your shoulder or across your body, allowing you to carry the mat hands-free. The strap carrier is lightweight and easy to carry, adding minimal extra weight to your yoga mat. Mat strap carriers is designed to accommodate various yoga mat sizes and thicknesses.

When not in use, the strap can be rolled up and stored in your yoga bag, gym bag, or even in your mat’s carry pouch if it has one. Using a strap carrier frees up your hands for other activities, such as carrying a water bottle, keys, or other items.

Yoga mat strap carriers are typically affordable and offer a cost-effective way to carry your yoga mat without investing in a full mat bag.


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