Yoga Studio Cylinder Meditation Cushion – Large – Burgundy


  • 100% cotton cover.
  • Filled with organic buckwheat hulls.
  • Built in carry handle.
  • Size: 35cm in Diameter (approx) – 16cm Deep (approx).
  • Weight: 3.15Kg
  • Hand made with love in Europe.


Cylinder Meditation Cushion, If you want the most comfort possible when meditating, the Yoga Studio EU Organic Buckwheat Meditation Cushion is ideal.
The sitting position, which is crucial to the practice of meditation, is made easier by these cushions. It is the most practical size of cushion that will support a range of different postures, and it is best utilized for lotus or half-lotus meditation postures Cylinder Meditation Cushion.
Our cushions are packed with natural buckwheat hulls and are built with increased durability in mind. A helpful carry handle makes it easy to transport the cushion.

The Yoga Studio EU Organic Buckwheat Meditation Cushion is make to offer the highest level of comfort when practicing meditation. The following is a list of its main characteristics and advantages:

1.Comfortable Meditation Experience:

By offering a cozy and stable surface for sitting, this cushion is make to improve your meditation practice. Effective meditation requires maintaining a good sitting position, which this cushion aids in doing.

2.Versatile Usage:

Both the lotus and half-lotus meditation postures, which are frequently utilize in meditation practice, are suitable for using the cushion. Its size is intend to support a range of positions, making it adaptable and appropriate for various meditation practices.

3.Customizable Support:

There is a zip on the cushion that gives you access to the interior filling. This feature is really helpful because it lets you customize the cushion’s loft (height) and softness to your tastes. While some people might like a softer cushion, others might prefer one that is firmer. You may customize the cushion to meet your unique comfort requirements thanks to its flexibility.

4.Durable Construction:

The cushion is make to endure. It was built with extra toughness in mind, so it can bear the abuse of consistent meditation practice. For people who practice meditation frequently, this durability is crucial to take into account.

5.Organic Buckwheat Hull Filling:

Organic buckwheat hulls, a natural and sustainable filler, are use to fill the cushion. The hulls of buckwheat mold to the contours of your body, offering cozy support and letting air to circulate to keep you from overheating while you’re meditating.

 6.Convenient Portability:

The cushion has a handy carry handle to make it simple to take to and from your meditation location. If you practice group meditation or have a designated space for it, this function is extremely helpful.


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