Yoga Studio Designed Sticky Yoga Mat 6mm – Dusty Pink Mat – Lively Lilium


Features –

  • Beautiful Elephant, Mandala and Lion Prints.
  • Soft, shock absorbent and comfortable
  • Offers insulation from cold floors
  • Provides a stable, non-slip surface
  • Trusted by Teachers Worldwide
  • Size: 183cm x 61cm x 6mm – Weight – 1.74kg


Dusty Pink Mat, Fantastic prints are feature on yoga mats created for studios. It 6mm Deluxe Yoga Mats are produce in accordance with European standards using the most cutting-edge environmentally friendly polymer resins Dusty Pink Mat.
It entire line of design mats is 6-P Free, Phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol, and Heavy Metal Free. i.e. Absolutely No Nasties! making them excellent mats for young children and expectant mothers.
The anti-slip yoga mat surface is preferred by many yoga instructors and students, and these are the best PVC yoga mats available in Europe. They exceed European quality standards.

The yoga studio-designed mats you’re describing have a number of distinctive qualities that set them apart from competing products on the market:

1.Fantastic Prints:

These mats have striking and enticing designs that can give your yoga practice a touch of elegance and beauty. For those who want their yoga mats to represent their personalities or create a relaxing setting for their practice, this is very tempting.

2.6mm Deluxe Thickness:

During yoga practice, the 6mm thickness supports and cushions your body’s joints. Your sessions may be more comfortable with this additional padding, especially for positions that call for kneeling or lying down.

3.Compliance with European Standards:

The mats were create and produce in accordance with European quality requirements. The durability and performance of the mats are ensured by this quality guarantee.

4.Environmental Polymer Resins:

Utilizing the most up-to-date environmental polymer resins demonstrates a dedication to sustainability. The manufacture of these resins has less of an impact on the environment than using conventional materials for yoga mats.

5.6-P Free:

Phthalates, AZO, DOP, phenol, and heavy metals are the only six potentially dangerous compounds that the mats are free of. This feature is essential for consumers who are concerned about their health, especially pregnant women and kids, since it allays any worries about exposure to dangerous chemicals when practicing yoga.

6.Safe for Children and Pregnant Women:

These mats are suitable for youngsters and expectant moms because they don’t include any dangerous materials. This is a crucial aspect to take into account when selecting a yoga mat for a wide range of consumers.

7.Anti-Slip Surface:

For those who practice yoga, the anti-slip surface is a crucial component. It assists with maintaining stability and grip throughout poses, lowering the possibility of mishaps or slippage, which can be very crucial for both inexperienced and seasoned practitioners.

8.Preferred by Yoga Teachers and Students:

The fact that so many yoga instructors and practitioners select these mats for their practice speaks to their effectiveness and quality. This might provide potential customers the assurance that they are making an investment in a reputable and trustworthy product.



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