Yoga Studio Designed Sticky Yoga Mat 6mm – Teal Mat Dew Drop Mandala


Features –

  • Beautiful Elephant, Mandala and Lion Prints.
  • Soft, shock absorbent and comfortable
  • Offers insulation from cold floors
  • Provides a stable, non-slip surface
  • Trusted by Teachers Worldwide
  • Size: 183cm x 61cm x 6mm – Weight – 1.74kg


Designed Sticky Yoga Mat, Fantastic prints are feature on yoga mats create for studios. It 6mm Deluxe Yoga Mats are produce in accordance with European standards using the most cutting-edge environmentally friendly polymer resins Designed Sticky Yoga Mat .
It entire line of design mats is 6-P Free, Phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol, and Heavy Metal Free. i.e. Absolutely No Nasties! making them excellent mats for young children and expectant mothers.
The anti-slip yoga mat surface is prefer by many yoga instructors and students, and these are the best PVC yoga mats available in Europe. They exceed European quality standards.

The yoga mats that your studio sells seem to be of a good caliber and are made with a few distinctive characteristics:

1.Fantastic Prints:

Your yoga mats have attractive designs that can improve the practice of yoga by making the space friendly and inspiring for students.

2.6mm Deluxe Thickness:

These mats’ 6mm thickness gives yoga practitioners more padding and support. This thickness can provide a comfortable surface for different yoga poses and workouts while also protecting joints.

3.European Standards:

The mats are produced in accordance with European standards, demonstrating a dedication to quality and security. By following these guidelines, you may be sure that your mats are appropriate for use in Europe and satisfy the criteria for yoga equipment.

4.Environmentally Friendly:

The newest environmental polymer resins used in the manufacture of your mats indicate that sustainability and environmental friendliness were priorities. Customers who are concerned about the environment may find this to be a strong selling factor.

5.6-P Free:

Phthalates, AZO, DOP, phenol, and heavy metals are the only six potentially hazardous compounds that are absent from your mats. Customers who are concerned about their health and safety while doing yoga must have this functionality. It renders the mats secure for both children and expectant mothers.

6.No Nasties:

The statement “No Nasties at all!” supports the safety and superiority of the mats. Customers are reassured that the mats contain no poisonous or harmful materials, making them a safe option for a variety of users.

7.Anti-Slip Surface:

For yoga practitioners, the anti-slip yoga mat surface is a crucial component. It ensures a firm hold during poses and assists with preventing sliding, both of which are essential for preserving balance and stability.

8.Preferred by Yoga Teachers and Students:

The fact that so many yoga instructors and students favor your mats implies that they have achieved recognition and respect within the yoga community. As customers frequently look for products with positive evaluations and endorsements from experts, this could be a powerful selling feature.



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