Yoga Studio GOTS Organic Cotton Equipment Kit Bag – Black


Features –

  • Two external stash pockets let you keep your keys, phone, money and other personal items out of sight and readily accessible.
  • Two end pockets & extra long YKK zip to enable easy loading and unloading.
  • Size: 71cm x 23cm x 18cm 100% cotton.
  • GOTS Organic Certified.


Organic Cotton Equipment, The bag is also more than suitable for those wishing to carry a mat, towel & practice wear to the gym.
It’s long handles mean the bag can be carry by hand, over the shoulder or like a rucksack Organic Cotton Equipment.

The Yoga Kit bag is a multipurpose and roomy bag made for carrying all of your yoga gear effortlessly. It is design to hold a variety of yoga accessories and necessities. The features are break down as follows:

1.Accommodates Yoga Equipment:

A complete set of yoga supplies, including four full blocks, a mat, two bricks, a blanket, and a belt, are intended to fit inside the bag.


The bag is appropriate for people who want to bring their yoga mat, towel, and workout apparel to the gym in addition to their yoga equipment. For people who like to mix yoga with other forms of exercise or fitness activities, this makes it a flexible option.

3.Multiple Carrying Options:

The bag allows for versatility in how it is carry.

4.External Stash Pockets:

There are two exterior storage compartments on the bag. You may separate your personal belongings from your yoga equipment by having these pockets.


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