Yoga Studio Top Loading Yoga Kit Bag – Black



Yoga Studio Top Loading Yoga Kit Bag – Black, yoga mat bag has been design for carrying and protecting a roll yoga mat and two blocks, two yoga bricks, a blanket and a yoga belt.
The bag has an adjustable over the shoulder strap and top zipper to facilitate easy loading of a rolled yoga mat. On the front of the bag is a zipped, cargo pocket to hold personal items and valuables Loading Yoga Kit Bag – Black.
Just drop in from the top and go!

The yoga mat bag you’re describing is make to make it simple to transport and safeguard your essential yoga gear. Here is an explanation of its functions and features:

1.Spacious Interior: 

The bag is make to fit a roll-up yoga mat and a number of relate items, such as two yoga bricks, two yoga blocks, a blanket, and a yoga belt. As a result, you may keep all of your necessary yoga equipment in one location.

2.Adjustable Over-the-Shoulder Strap: 

The shoulder strap of the bag is movable. With this feature, you can adjust the strap’s length to your liking and make it more comfortable to wear whether you choose to sling it over one shoulder or over your body.

3.Top Zipper: 

A top zipper is a significant convenience element of the bag. You may quickly and simply stuff your rolled yoga mat inside the bag using this zipper. It’s unnecessary to deal with attempting to slide your mat in from the bottom or side. It’s simple to do from the top, and it takes no time or effort.

4.Front Cargo Pocket: 

There is a cargo pocket with a zipper on the front of the bag. While you’re at your yoga class, this pocket is made to safely store your belongings and valuables. Your phone, keys, wallet, and any other little items you might need during or after practice can all be kept there.

5.”Just Drop In from the Top and Go”: 

This expression implies that using the bag is incredibly simple and effective. Your roll yoga mat and other yoga gear may easily be insert into the bag through the top opening when you’re prepare to go for your yoga class or practice session. No intricate movements or packing methods are require. You can leave after swiftly packing everything inside, zipping it up, and slinging it over your shoulder.


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