Yoga Studio Yoga Mat Strap Carrier – Black



The Yoga Studio Yoga Mat Strap doubles as a mat carrier, and the mat strap contains slide-in loops that are adjustable.
It can use the strap as a yoga belt for those challenging poses after releasing it from your mat.

The Yoga Studio yoga strap and mat carrier is a functional accessory make to improve your yoga practice by making it easier to carry your mat and by giving you support as you practice. Here is a description of its attributes and applications:

1.Mat Carrier with Adjustable Loops:

This accessory’s main purpose is to act as a mat carrier. There are movable loops include with it that may safely hold your yoga mat. You may easily put your mat through these loops because they are made to fit mats of all sizes. With this function, you won’t need to carry your mat by hand or in a separate mat bag.

2.Convenient Mat Transportation:

Simply slip your yoga mat through the reversible loops on the strap while you’re leaving for your yoga class or practice area. This keeps your mat small and coiled up for convenient transportation, and it frees up your hands to carry any other goods, such as a water bottle or yoga block.

3.Yoga Belt for Poses:

Release the strap from your mat once you’ve arrived at your yoga session and unrolled it. The strap now functions as a flexible yoga belt. Yoga belts are frequently used to support different poses and stretches, particularly those that call for stretching or reaching your limbs.

For instance, to stretch deeper and further during sitting forward bends, wrap the strap around the bottoms of your feet and hold on to the ends. By holding certain portions of your body together during specific standing poses, a yoga belt can help you maintain stability and alignment.

4.Enhanced Flexibility and Alignment:

When used as a yoga belt, the strap can help you attain good alignment and increase your flexibility by enabling you to reach into positions that would otherwise be difficult. When doing binding or reaching behind your back positions, it can also help with balance and support.

In conclusion, the Yoga Studio yoga strap and mat carrier is a multipurpose item with two main uses: transporting your yoga mat to and from your practice site, and offering support and help throughout your yoga routine by converting into a yoga belt. It is a useful addition to your yoga equipment because of its dual functionality, which provides ease and diversity for your practice.

Length Approx 137cm x 4cm
Weight – 0.1kg


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