Yoga Studio Yoga Mat Strap Carrier – Dark Green



The Yoga Studio yoga strap doubles as a mat carrier, and the mat strap contains slide-in loops that are adjustable.
It can use the strap as a yoga belt for those challenging poses after releasing it from your mat.

It functions as both a mat carrier and a yoga strap or belt for your practice, making the Yoga Studio yoga strap and mat carrier a multifunctional yoga accessory. Here is a thorough breakdown of its attributes and potential applications:

1.Mat Carrier:

The Yoga Studio yoga strap serves as a mat carrier as its main purpose. Usually, it consists of a long, strong strap with a pair of adjustable loops on either end. Here is how to transport a mat with it:

  • Loop Attachment: The strap’s adjustable loops at either end are make to fit through your yoga mat. This makes it safe and practical to transport your yoga mat to and from the studio or other practice location.
  • Adjustable Length: Different mat sizes can be accommodat by adjusting the loops. The strap can be use with a range of yoga mats, both thick and thin, thanks to its adaptability.

Hands-Free Convenience: You can carry more things or keep your balance while traveling to your yoga session if you use the strap to carry your mat. This frees up your hands for other tasks.

2.Yoga Belt:

The Yoga Studio yoga strap can be used as a yoga belt throughout your practice in addition to carrying your mat. A useful prop, a yoga belt can help with different poses by offering stability, support, and help getting into specific positions. How to wear the strap as a yoga belt is as follows:

  • Adjustable Length: You can alter the length of the strap in accordance with your needs, much like when using it as a mat carrier. For instance, you can lengthen the strap to accommodate your reach if you’re practicing a sitting front bend and need help getting to your toes.
  • Assistance in Poses: In poses where you need to extend your reach or maintain alignment, yoga belts are frequently employed. Paschimottanasana (Sitting Forward Bend), Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), and Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose) are a few examples of such postures. You can establish perfect alignment and deepen your stretches with the use of the strap, which is a mild but effective method.

Increased Flexibility: As you become more accustomed to certain postures, employing a yoga strap in your practice can help you become more flexible over time while also progressively reducing your reliance on it.

The Yoga Studio yoga strap and mat carrier are a flexible and useful addition for yogis of all levels since they provide mat-carrying convenience and aid in your yoga practice. It makes your yoga regimen easier by performing several useful tasks in one convenient tool.


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